When was the last time your CPA came to you with an idea to save you money?

Edward A. Lyon-Excel Empire's Chief Tax Planner

93% of Business Owners Overpay Taxes

Tax Expense

Taxes represent one of the most significant expenses for any business owner. While entrepreneurs are adept at building their companies and driving offense, it's equally crucial to prioritize defending their hard-earned money.

Keep More of Your Money

For many individuals, the tax code appears to work against their efforts. Do you ever feel like the tax code holds you back from truly getting ahead? The reality for many business owners is that as their businesses expand, their tax burden tends to rise. However, it doesn't have to be this way!

Planning Ahead

You wouldn't fathom running a business without a plan, yet countless business owners and real estate investors overlook tax planning entirely or allocate minimal resources to it. Surprisingly, many professionals, such as yourself, put more effort into planning a vacation than they do into tax planning. The reality is, with proper tax planning, you could potentially save enough on taxes to fund an around-the-world vacation.

Taxes Going Up

You may have heard from your accountant during tax season that as you make more money, you'll inevitably have to pay more taxes. However, that's not entirely accurate. As your business expands, you gain more opportunities to leverage the tax code to protect the money you earn.

Edward A. Lyon

Excel Empire

93% of Business Owners Overpay Taxes.
Are you one of them?

Absolutely, according to a survey published in Forbes, a staggering 93% of business owners overpay taxes. Even more alarming, our own data indicates that 73% of them are aware they could be paying less.

So, what should business owners in this predicament do?

They should consider registering for our free training session, “How to Beat the IRS LEGALLY,” hosted by Excel Empire’s esteemed Chief Tax Planner, Edward A. Lyon.

Ed is a dynamic tax attorney who has trained thousands of CPAs on utilizing the tax code to legally, ethically, and morally reduce business taxes. In this training, Ed will delve into specific strategies available to business owners and real estate investors. It’s an invaluable opportunity to gain insights into optimizing tax planning and minimizing tax liabilities.


Why Excel Empire?

As a Virtual Business Family Office, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to address the diverse needs of business owners and their families. From TAX PLANNING (RE-MMAP) for both your business and personal taxes, to estate planning, business valuations, and business brokerage, Excel Empire provides a dedicated team of specialists unmatched elsewhere.

The seamless coordination facilitated by working with Excel Empire surpasses the disjointed approach of engaging a local CPA, a Business Coach from elsewhere, and a Financial Advisor who doesn’t collaborate with either. For family-run businesses, we understand the importance of succession planning, establishing trusts, or foundations for family-held assets. Given the intricacies of such matters, clients often rely on Excel Empire to ensure alignment with their goals and objectives.

Moreover, we can assist in coordinating all financial aspects of your life.

You Need a Plan

Keep More of Your Money

Making more money doesn’t automatically translate to paying more taxes. Each individual situation is unique, but almost everyone can benefit from strategic tax planning. We’re not suggesting simply purchasing more equipment at year-end for deductions.

Imagine what it would mean to your business to save $30,000, or even $100,000 per year in tax savings? Excel Empire can assess whether you’re overpaying in taxes and provide tailored solutions to stop wasting money on unnecessary taxes. You deserve a strategic tax reduction plan customized specifically for you and your business.

Our Clients Love Working With Us

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Savings Analysis

Schedule a free, 45 minute, Tax Reduction Discovery Call with one of our seasoned Tax Strategists to find out how much you might be overpaying in taxes.

Around twenty years ago, Matthew formed a significant friendship with a prominent tax planning attorney that led Matthew to specialize in the tax planning industry.  Matthew has gained substantial respect and recognition as one of the nation’s premier tax strategists, particularly concerning business and real estate investment strategies. Matthew is a Certified Tax and Business Advisor, Award-Winning Business Coach, Tax Master and Entrepreneur.

 In addition to his accomplishments in tax planning, Matthew has also established and successfully sold multiple businesses. His most recent venture achieved remarkable success, growing from nothing to generating over one hundred million dollars in annual revenue. Matthew’s expertise in business and tax planning strategies has made him a highly sought-after speaker and trusted advisor.


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Matthew Pearson

“The team of tax professionals that I get to work with on a daily basis are they best!  The team at Excel Empire works hard everyday to provide the best in tax strategies and financial direction.  I thank God everyday for the opportunity to work with this amazing team!”

You Deserve to Save

At Excel Empire, we understand the importance of personalized attention. We take the time to thoroughly analyze your specific situation and craft a Tax Reduction strategy that is tailored precisely to your needs. Each strategy we recommend is meticulously sourced and referenced directly to the IRS Tax Code, ensuring compliance and legality. Our aim is not only to help you save money on taxes but also to fuel the growth of your business.

The Savings!

It’s time to stop overlooking the significant amount of money you’re wasting on unnecessary tax-related expenses. Just imagine the impact of having an extra $30,000 to $100,000 or more in tax savings each year. This could mean substantial improvements for you, your family, or your business. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize your financial resources and achieve your goals. Let us help you unlock these savings and secure a brighter financial future.

100% Guarantee

At Excel Empire, we stand behind our promises. We guarantee the savings outlined in black and white on each and every one of our tax reduction plans. Our commitment to transparency and accountability ensures that you can trust in the results we deliver. With Excel Empire, you can have confidence in achieving tangible and measurable tax savings.