Excel offers new Employee Benefit Plan that actually pays the Employer!

Most employee benefit plans are instituted to help recruit, retain and reward employees, but do so at a big expense to the owner.  Excel’s Employee Benefit Strategy will actually reward both the employee and the owner.



We live in a very tight labor market, and businesses are competing to get great employees. What does your company offer to make you look more attractive than your competitors? The Excel Benefit Plan will help you recruit top quality candidates without it being a bidding war. This plan also sets your company apart when it comes to keeping these valuable assets.



Using Excel's Employee retention strategy, you separate yourself from all the competition, and employees will not consider other offers even when offered more pay. Some employers just want to help retain key employees. This strategy will help focus those employees and make it very difficult for them to leave your employment.



What makes the Excel strategy so compelling is that it REWARDS your employee AND you as the business owner. The Excel Benefit Plan will REWARD your valuable employees for the rest of their lives. The additional benefit to you the owner is that your business is valued at far greater in the event of a sale as well.

Greg Pearson

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