When was the last time your accountant called to say, "I have an idea to save you money..."?

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TAX Incentives & Planning

When was the last time your accountant called you to say, "I have a great idea that is going to save you money!"

We’re all familiar with directional services and apps that guide us to our destination. Sometimes, we hear a gentle voice saying, “Recalculating” or “Make a U-Turn” when we’re off course.

But what happens when you feel lost in your financial journey, without a team of coordinated, trusted advisors to guide you? At Excel Empire, we’re here to provide that guidance and redirect you to the best path for you, your company, and your family.

Our proprietary tax reduction service, “RE-MMAP,” is designed to “map your way” to paying less taxes using legal, ethical, and moral strategies. We begin with a Reduction Evaluation (RE), followed by an analysis of Money Mapping Strategies (MMAP). Our services cover all areas of specialized tax planning. During our forensic evaluation, we pinpoint your greatest inefficiencies and outline a menu of available opportunities within the Internal Revenue Code, ensuring the most optimized positioning aligned with your goals and objectives.

While our process results in substantial tax savings for our clients, many find the education gained in understanding taxes and how to reduce them to be the most valuable deliverable. With Excel Empire, you not only save money but also gain valuable insights into tax optimization.

Mapping Money

How We Help You Save

Capital gains

If you're selling a highly appreciated asset such as a business, you're likely exposed to capital gains tax. We have over a dozen legal structures available to mitigate this large expense.

Listed Transaction Review

Have you entered into a conservation easement or one of the overly aggressive, highly promoted tax shelters? We can help get you back on track and unwind highly scrutinized structures.

Transfer & Inheritance Tax

Incorporation of estate planning techniques within income and capital gains tax planning.

Tax Incentives

Many businesses qualify for valuable tax incentives such as Work Opportunity Tax Credit, Research and Development Tax Credit, Employee Retention Tax Credit.

Cost Segregation

Increase cash flow with accelerated depreciation of improvements of real estate assets, farm land improvements, etc.

Executive Benefit Restructuring

Often times the benefit structure can be re-designed to further compliment the end user while improving current tax efficiency.

Our Testimonials

What They Say

Northern, Ky
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Running a successful family veterinarian clinic for three decades in Northern Kentucky is a remarkable achievement. When my husband and I began considering slowing down and possibly selling the clinic, we turned to Matt for guidance. Instead of immediately discussing tax-efficient selling strategies, Matt took the time to understand our goals and aspirations. Through insightful conversations, he provided strategies that not only made our business more profitable but also increased its marketability. Thanks to Matt and his incredible team, my husband and I have rediscovered our passion for the business. We're now enjoying our work more than ever. And when the time comes to sell, we're confident that we're in a much better position, all thanks to Matt's guidance and expertise. We're incredibly grateful for the support and insights provided by Matt and his team at Excel Empire.
Sparks, NV
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Our family owns a substantial farm in northern Nevada. Recently, we decided to sell a 500-acre parcel of land. However, we encountered a significant hurdle due to the low basis, which would have resulted in substantial capital gains taxes. We were advised that the only way to defer these gains was through a 1031 Exchange, which didn't align with our desired outcome. Fortunately, the Excel Empire team presented us with an alternative solution that allowed us to defer the gains without resorting to a 1031 Exchange or a Deferred Sales Trust. We were delighted to discover this alternative, which provided us with the flexibility and outcome we needed.
Traverse City, MI
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It's a common misconception that having a long-standing relationship with a CPA and estate planner guarantees a smooth transition. However, my family learned the hard way that this isn't always the case. Despite having our taxes done on time by a close family friend, we were blindsided by the realization that our transition plans were far from optimal. Thankfully, Excel Empire stepped in to coordinate all our taxes and estate planning, ensuring that every aspect aligned seamlessly with our goals and objectives. Their expertise and dedication saved my family millions, providing us with peace of mind and a secure financial future. We're incredibly grateful for the invaluable support and guidance provided by Excel Empire.
Cosmetic Dentist
Chicago Area, IL
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Running a dental practice that doubled in size year over year was amazing. However, like many businesses, I faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the setback, the Excel Empire team stepped in to provide much-needed assistance. Thanks to their expertise, they identified a substantial six-figure tax credit that we were eligible for. This credit provided us with the financial support needed to weather the storm and get our practice back on track. We were unaware that such credits even existed until Excel Empire brought them to our attention. We're immensely grateful for the assistance and support provided by the Excel Empire team. Their dedication and expertise made a significant difference in helping us overcome the challenges we faced during the pandemic. Thank you!
Payroll Processor
Columbus, OH
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The business my husband and I established three decades ago surpassed our wildest expectations when we received an offer from one of the leading names in the payroll industry. Upon deciding to retire, we turned to the Excel Empire team for assistance. They not only helped us craft a comprehensive transition plan but also guided us through a capital gain deferral strategy. This approach ensured that we could achieve our retirement objectives while retaining the majority of our capital, allowing it to continue generating returns for us.


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