Reduce your tax burden


Our clients save an average of 32% which results in tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars being freed up to grow their business and accomplish more than they every thought possible.  Check out the results we’ve generated for just a few of our clients below.

Client Results

Medical physician group and nurse team are discussing for a hospital treatment

Physician Group

Multi-specialty medical practice in Philadelphia

Successful physician group each with six figure tax bills:

We helped them restructure their entities which created more efficient cashflow, reduced their liability exposure, and supercharged their retirement savings all while vastly reducing the amount they were overpaying to the government.

Pullover for dry cleaning

Dry Cleaner

Laundry chain in Dallas, Texas

Chain of 14 dry cleaners filing as a Sole Proprietorship:

We created an entity structure that made it possible for the other family members involved in the business to obtain executive benefits and significantly reduced their tax burdens, while at the same time protecting them from the potential liability exposure an operation like this takes on with the chemicals used in dry cleaning.

electric company emergency service vehicle

Electric Company

80 Year Old electric company in Denver

Aging owner selling business to his employees:
We provided an ESOP analysis and ended up creating a more efficient and cost effective exit strategy. During the process, we also assisted the owner in properly classifying his ownership position which resulted in preferential tax treatment of the sale of a large portion of his shares in the company.

Franchise business concept


Fast food restaurant owner, Northern California

Successful business woman with over two dozen franchises:
A complete corporate restructuring resulted in an almost 7 figure reduction in annual taxation, and at the same time, we worked with her financial advisor to get her estate plan in order while accomplishing the corporate restructuring needed to implement the income tax plan.