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How much of your time could be classified as Research and/or Development?

You’ve already earned your R&D tax credits, and now it’s time you claimed them year after year!

At Tax Strategy Pro, we have been helping businesses navigate through the opportunities of tax credits.  This year alone we have helped clients receive nearly half a billion in Tax Credits.  Your current CPA is good at helping file your taxes in a timely manner, but when was the last time they told you, “I have an idea that is going to put over $100,000 in your pocket this year!”  At Tax Strategy Pro, we have trained professionals who adhere to the IRS guidelines and tie down each and every opportunity to your business documentation.  We know this is not your expertise, and we also know this is not your CPA’s expertise, so let us do all the work and we will let you know if you qualify for R and D Tax Credits.  What is the cost to find out?  Schedule a call, and you will not pay anything until you know that you qualify and we are ready to submit for your recovery.

What makes Excel Empire Different than my CPA?

First off, your CPA is first and for most a tax preparation shop.  Many have ventured into other services like Financial or Retirement Planning.  At Tax Strategy Pro we have coordinated multiple divisions to work with you, the business owner, so you don’t have a hodge-podge of ideas and unimplemented strategies.  This coordinated approach allows our team to make sure our strategies are the right strategies for your goals and objectives.  


We do the work to get you the RIGHT Credit.

We know you are very busy and don’t have time for games or gimmicks.  That is why Tax Strategy Pro does all the work for you and does it up front.   You know exactly what is going on and you are educated so that you can be prepared to maximize these credits year after year.

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