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How much of your time could be classified as Research and/or Development?

You’ve already earned your R&D tax credits, and now it’s time you claimed them year after year!

At Excel Empire, we specialize in helping businesses uncover and leverage lucrative tax credit opportunities. This year alone, we’ve assisted clients in securing nearly half a billion dollars in tax credits. While your current CPA may excel at filing taxes promptly, when was the last time they presented you with an idea that could potentially put over $100,000 directly into your pocket? At Excel Empire, our team of trained professionals meticulously aligns each opportunity with IRS guidelines and integrates them seamlessly into your business documentation.

We understand that tax credits may not be your area of expertise, and it’s likely not your CPA’s specialty either. That’s where we come in. Let us handle the heavy lifting and determine if you qualify for valuable R&D Tax Credits. The best part? There’s no upfront cost to find out. Simply schedule a call with us, and we won’t charge you anything until we confirm your eligibility and are prepared to proceed with your credit recovery submission.

What makes Excel Empire Different than my CPA?

First and foremost, it’s important to recognize that your CPA primarily operates as a tax preparation shop. While some may offer additional services such as financial or retirement planning, at Excel Empire, we take a holistic approach. We’ve strategically coordinated multiple divisions to collaborate seamlessly with you, the business owner, ensuring that you don’t end up with a hodgepodge of ideas and unimplemented strategies.

Our coordinated approach means that every strategy we recommend is carefully aligned with your specific goals and objectives. By bringing together various expertise under one roof, we can provide comprehensive solutions that address not only your immediate tax needs but also your long-term financial aspirations. With Excel Empire you can trust that you’re receiving tailored strategies designed to optimize your financial position and maximize your success.


We do the work to get you the RIGHT Credit.

At Excel Empire, we recognize the value of your time and the importance of transparency and efficiency in our services. That’s why we take a proactive approach to tax planning and credits, handling all the necessary work upfront to minimize your involvement and maximize your benefits.

Our dedicated team of experts will carefully analyze your financial situation, identify potential opportunities for tax credits, and execute the necessary strategies on your behalf. We believe in providing clear and concise communication, ensuring that you are fully informed and educated about the process and the benefits it brings.

By partnering with Excel Empire, you can rest assured that you’ll receive comprehensive support and guidance without any unnecessary games or gimmicks. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and resources needed to maximize your credits year after year, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business and achieving your financial objectives.

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