About Our Team

We have a diverse organization of passionate, tax planning, professionals on our faculty and staff with decades of experience in each of their individual fields. These professionals span the country and have come together to fill a segment of the market that has been underserved or priced out of the support that a Big Four Accounting Firm provides.  Instead of measuring Excel Empire’s success with our own annual revenue, we measure our success by the amount of tax savings we provide our clients on an annual basis.

Our Faculty consists of CPA’s, Estate Planners, Attorneys, Business Coaches and Exit Strategy Professionals who share the same philosophy, which is to serve our country’s business owners, investors and real estate professionals in helping them by providing the professionals they need to help them legally, ethically, and morally reduce their taxes.

The tax code rewards these people, but it is constantly changing and needs a wholistic team to serve them.  Our strategies are legal, ethical and moral and get you to paying the least amount of taxes today, tomorrow and when you distribute your wealth to future generations.  Our team of sophisticated, wholistic advisors allow the clients we serve to do what they do best, giving them the peace of mind that they are properly positioned and protected from unintentional over taxation.


Hubert McIntosh - CPA, CTBA, Tax Master and Co-Founder

Jacqueline Gibbons-McIntosh - CPA, CGMA, MBA and Co-Founder

Wendy Pearson - Professional Investor and Co-Founder

Around twenty years ago, Matthew formed a significant friendship with a prominent tax planning attorney led Matthew to specialize in the tax planning industry.  Matthew has gained substantial respect and recognition as one of the nation’s premier tax strategists, particularly concerning business and real estate investment strategies. 

Throughout his journey, Matthew has been sought after to train professionals at all four of the Big Four Accounting firms. He has accumulated extensive expertise in tax planning, business transitions and reduction strategies. Matthew thrives on working collaboratively with a team to provide a holistic approach to tax planning that prioritizes the goals and objectives of the clients.
In addition to his accomplishments in tax planning, Matthew has also established and successfully sold multiple businesses. His most recent venture achieved remarkable success, growing from nothing to generating over one hundred million dollars in annual revenue within just over three years. Matthew’s expertise in business and tax planning strategies has made him a highly sought-after speaker and trusted advisor.


Edward Lyon - Chief Tax Planner and Tax Attorney

Edward A. Lyon, JD is Excel Empire’s Chief Tax Planner. He’s the founder of Tax Master Network, where he created the Tax Architect® software and helped train over 3,000 tax professionals in the art and science of tax planning. Ed is a best-selling author of eight books on taxes and tax planning. Ed has appeared on hundreds of television and radio broadcasts, including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNBC. If you’re paying too much tax, you want him on your side!

Uche Okoraha - Tax Attorney

Uche has spent most of his career focusing on complex legal issues affecting the design industry. 

Gregory Pearson - CTBA, SCL and Professional Investor

As collegiate athlete, Gregory maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA and graduated with highest honors and became a successful Pattern Day Trader.  Gregory went on to become one of the youngest CFO’s in the country of a national manufacturing company providing service to Tesla, Tucci and many more.  Gregory returned to Excel Empire after becoming the Principle at one the fastest growing NMO’s in the country.  

Chris Sioco - Research and Developement Engineer

Chris is one of the Co-Founders of Tax Robot, America’s leading R and D software platform.  Tax Robot is used by some of the largest firm’s in the country to help business owner’s conduct R and D studies.

Ruth Benjamin - Capital Gains Tax Strategist

The “Guardian Angel” of 1031 Exchanges, Ruth has been in the 1031 Exchange business for 30 years and doing capital gains tax strategy for almost a decade.

Matt Nye - Chief Marketing Officer

Matt Nye serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Excel Empire. Matt has more than 30 years of experience in the technology and finance sectors, and has spent the last three years focused on digital marketing.

Matt is married and resides in West Melbourne, FL. 

Barry Bruce - Asset Protection Specialist

For more than 40 years Barry has been helping businesses protect assets, mitigate taxes and maximize their net return on their sale.


Andrew Crawford


Certified Tax & Business Advisors (CTBAs)

Robert Keller

Certified Tax & Business Advisor

Alicia Kishpaugh

Certified Tax & Business Advisor

Jonathan Marshall

Certified Tax & Business Advisor

Lisa Marshall

Certified Tax & Business Advisor

Greg Pearson

Certified Tax & Business Advisor

Natalia Samoilenko

Certified Tax & Business Advisor

Charles Theisen

Certified Tax & Business Advisor