Get to know Matthew Pearson

Matthew Pearson is one of our accomplished Co-Founders of Excel Empire, a Certified Tax and Business Advisor, and award winning Business Coach.  He still strives to do about fifty percent of all the Discovery Calls as he loves to talk with entrepreneurs like yourself, and see how we at Excel Empire can best serve you.

Around twenty years ago, Matthew formed a significant friendship with a prominent tax planning attorney that led Matthew to specialize in the tax planning industry.  Matthew has gained substantial respect and recognition as one of the nation’s premier tax strategists, particularly concerning business and real estate investment strategies. 

Throughout his journey, Matthew has been sought after to train professionals at all four of the Big Four Accounting firms. He has accumulated extensive expertise in tax planning, business transitions and reduction strategies. Matthew thrives on working collaboratively with a team to provide a holistic approach to tax planning that prioritizes the goals and objectives of the clients.


In addition to his accomplishments in tax planning, Matthew has also established and successfully sold multiple businesses. His most recent venture achieved remarkable success, growing from nothing to generating over one hundred million dollars in annual revenue within just over three years. Matthew’s expertise in business and tax planning strategies has made him a highly sought-after speaker and trusted advisor.

Matthew Pearson, a Co-Founder of Excel Empire, is deeply passionate about helping people grow and find true joy in life. He obtained his degree from Liberty University School of Business and gained valuable experience by serving as the Executive Director at a Christian non-profit organization immediately after graduating. Matthew remains actively involved in volunteering in Christian camping, often serving alongside his family.

During his tenure as the Executive Director, Matthew’s creative abilities were nurtured, and he honed his skills in servant leadership. However, he felt a calling to transition from the non-profit sector to the business world. Early in his entrepreneurial career, he became a highly successful and acclaimed business coach, empowering others to achieve their goals through the implementation of systems, processes, and what he considers “uncommon sense” approaches.

Today, Matthew, alongside the Co-Founders of Excel Empire, is committed to delivering business education to business owners, real estate investors, and their support networks. Excel Empire focuses on assembling an exceptional faculty that prioritizes business growth and tax reduction using legal, ethical and moral strategies. Matthew is highly regarded for his creativity and takes immense joy in sharing his innovative ideas. He recognizes that his creative gift originates from being made in the image of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Creator of all things.
Matthew’s wife of nearly thirty-five years, Wendy, is still his best friend and they love spending as much time as possible together.  Matthew was just twelve years old when he met Wendy and they have been together ever since.