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Excel Empire was started by people who themselves had recognized that they had outgrown their current accountant.  They were forced to ask a simple question that would change the way they looked at business all together.  You ask what was that question?  

When was the last time your CPA called you and told you they had an idea that was going to save you money on your taxes?

You see our founder recognized, while he always wanted to be honest with the government, he knew he did not want his generosity to go to the government. So what started over twenty years ago, led to multiple sales of highly successful business, he saw the need to surround himself with trusted professionals that could help him legally, ethically and morally avoid taxes using the very tax code itself. Very early on in his career, he knew he could help others reduce their taxes and keep more of the money they earned and this became a mission that aligned with him and his calling.  Today this group of trusted advisors have grown to include some of the most recognized proactive tax attorneys and CPAs across the nation and it is this team that can help you reduce your taxes.  To date this team has produced hundreds of millions of dollars in tax savings, billions of dollars in credit recovers and thousand of satisfied clients whom we are now starting to help their children reduce their taxes.  

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"I thank GOD for my relationship and partnership with my CPA and long time friend Hubert McIntosh. Sir Hubert and his proactive tax planning team has saved me so much in taxes over the past couple of years alone. I know it is not my money but I am intrusted with it and need to be a good steward. I am very excited that Excel Empire's team can help many more business owners and real-estate investors utilize the tax code to help them reduce their taxes in legal, ethical and morally."

— Matthew Pearson, Founder

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Excel Empire’s Reduction Plans don’t just work for our Founder.  Excel Empire Tax Reduction Plans are unlike any offering in the tax planning industry.  You’ll receive a labor intensive and completely customized plan that uses the IRS Tax Code, IRS Court Precedence, and IRS Letter Rulings, along with combining and sequencing strategies, to deliver a plan that is solid, guaranteed, and crossed checked with our planning and compliance teams.  Why is this different?  Most tax planning firms use software that produces “cookie cutter,” plans that come from software that while they might help you reduce your taxes they won’t help you reach your goals and objectives.  

We Help You...

We Back You Up!

Each plan comes with Audit Protection.  We will stick with you all the way up to tax court to defend your positioning.  

Our team has extensive experience in the audit process and we maintain working papers to substantiate any required defense protocols needed to protect you along the way.

We Guarantee Your Savings!

Our engagements are guaranteed.  If we aren’t able to meet our savings commitments, you will be refunded relative to the savings not being met.  

If we are off by 10%, you’ll be refunded 10% of your fee.  Guaranteed.

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