About Our Team

We have a diverse organization of passionate, tax planning, professionals on our faculty and staff with decades of experience in each of their individual fields. These professionals span the country and have come together to fill a segment of the market that has been underserved or priced out of the support that a Big Four Accounting Firm provides.  Instead of measuring Excel Empire’s success with our own annual revenue, we measure our success by the amount of tax savings we provide our clients on an annual basis.

Our Faculty consists of CPA’s, Estate Planners, Attorneys, Business Coaches and Exit Strategy Professionals who share the same philosophy, which is to serve our country’s business owners, investors and real estate professionals in helping them by providing the professionals they need to help them legally, ethically, and morally reduce their taxes.

The tax code rewards these people, but it is constantly changing and needs a wholistic team to serve them.  Our strategies are legal, ethical and moral and get you to paying the least amount of taxes today, tomorrow and when you distribute your wealth to future generations.  Our team of sophisticated, wholistic advisors allow the clients we serve to do what they do best, giving them the peace of mind that they are properly positioned and protected from unintentional over taxation.


Edward Lyon

Edward A. Lyon, JD is Excel Empire’s Chief Tax Planner. He’s the founder of Tax Master Network, where he created the Tax Architect® software and helped train over 3,000 tax professionals in the art and science of tax planning. Ed is a best-selling author of eight books on taxes and tax planning. And he’s appeared on hundreds of television and radio broadcasts, including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNBC. If you’re paying too much tax, you want him on your side!

Hubert McIntosh - Cofounder

Hubert is the CFO of RE-MMAP Inc. and has managed the Accounting and Finance Departments of many companies. He brings to the firm special tax expertise and experience gained for over 36 years from working with Individuals and Corporations. Hubert is a CPA, Intuit Certified Pro-Advisor and Certified Tax Master (CTM).

In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, reading, playing dominoes, spending time with family/friends, and doing various church related projects.

Hubert is married to Jacqueline (who is partner at RE-MMAP Inc.) and they have one daughter Kadian, who is a Dean at the University of Arizona.

Jacqueline Gibbons-McIntosh - Cofounder

Jacqueline has spent over 20 years with International CPA firms- Price Waterhouse Coopers, BDO Seidman and Ernst and Young. During her tenure at all three firms, she headed various types of Accounting & Consulting assignments in both private and public companies. She has also served as Interim Controller at various Government Agencies. Jacqueline has an MBA, CPA and CGMA designation and is currently the President of Re-mmap Inc. and also presides over the operations of that entity. Jacqueline likes to travel, visit unique places both locally and internationally and spending time with friends and family. Jacqueline is married to Hubert McIntosh, and they have one daughter-Kadian.

Matthew Pearson - Cofounder

Around twenty years ago, Matthew formed a significant friendship with a prominent tax planning attorney led Matthew to specialize in the tax planning industry.  Matthew has gained substantial respect and recognition as one of the nation’s premier tax strategists, particularly concerning business and real estate investment strategies. 

Throughout his journey, Matthew has been sought after to train professionals at all four of the Big Four Accounting firms. He has accumulated extensive expertise in tax planning, business transitions and reduction strategies. Matthew thrives on working collaboratively with a team to provide a holistic approach to tax planning that prioritizes the goals and objectives of the clients.
In addition to his accomplishments in tax planning, Matthew has also established and successfully sold multiple businesses. His most recent venture achieved remarkable success, growing from nothing to generating over one hundred million dollars in annual revenue within just over three years. Matthew’s expertise in business and tax planning strategies has made him a highly sought-after speaker and trusted advisor.

Wendy Pearson - Cofounder

Wendy serves in the fun side of the accounting department,  keeping agents and vendors paid, as well as procurement or any other task that Matt hands to her.

She and Matt have been happily married for 34 years. God has blessed them with two grown sons who they are very proud of, two wonderful daughter-in-laws, and they have now moved into the coveted Grandparent stage, enjoying every minute with their first Grandson. When she is not working with the business, she enjoy working outdoors at their farm in Kentucky, volunteering at a local Christian camp and their horse program, or serving at her church in the nursery or wherever needed.

Uche Okoraha - Tax Attorney

Uche has spent most of his career focusing on complex legal issues affecting the design industry. 

Matt Nye - Chief Marketing Officer

Matt Nye serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Excel Empire. Matt has more than 30 years of experience in the technology and finance sectors, and has spent the last three years focused on digital marketing.

Matt is married and resides in West Melbourne, FL. 

Ruth Benjamin - Capital Gains Tax Strategist

The “Guardian Angel” of 1031 Exchanges, Ruth has been in the 1031 Exchange business for 30 years and doing capital gains tax strategy for almost a decade.

Barry Bruce - Asset Protection Specialist

For more than 40 years Barry has been helping businesses protect assets, mitigate taxes and maximize their net return on their sale.


Andrew Crawford - Accountant

Andrew received a BS in Accounting and is currently working as an accountant at RE-MMAP and Excel Empire, where he is responsible for auditing a wide range of clients. He is highly organized and detail-oriented and takes pride in his work. Andrew is also a CPA candidate and is currently studying for his licensure exam. In his free time, Andrew enjoys spending time with his family which includes his newborn baby girl Charlotte, traveling, sailing, and starting projects on his house. Andrew is dedicated to pursuing his passion for accounting and strives to positively contribute to society.

Cassie Edwards - Operations Manager

Cassie studied Physical Therapy Assistance and Athletic Training in college. She began her professional career in the outpatient physical therapy world and worked three years in that. In late 2021, she made the decision to move over to the professional business world and joined Matt Pearson’s team. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and spending time with friends. Cassie comes from a big family and spends as much time as she can with them even when distance gets in the way.

Nan A. Striplin

As RE-MMAP’s Director of Client Services and Operations, Nan over 20 years of experience in the tax industry. Her strong interpersonal skills allow her to provide professional, confidential, and informed services to clients. Nan’s dedicated work-ethic ensures that the job gets done. After moving from Georgia, both of Nan’s daughters have graduated college and are pursuing their careers in other states. In addition to keeping up with her hobbies of scuba diving and reading, Nan is actively learning to play the acoustic guitar.

Emma Stillwell

Emma started in the Cosmetology world but due to some fortunate changes she has now switched to the business world. She enjoys reading, cooking, and baking for her husband. Family time is high on the list of importance to Emma and is thankful for the technology to talk to her siblings and parents because of distance.

Cyble Moise - R&D Specialist

Cybile joined the Legal Industry back in 1995 as a Legal Assistant/ Paralegal working for the Public Defender’s Office, but her natural business and management sense transitioned into private law firms. Supervising firm operations, including human resources, managing the support staff, overseeing administrative and billing matters, and handling the firm’s marketing. In addition, Cybile handled and overseed complex cases with a focus on Home & Commercial Insurance claims, Personal Injury, Family Law, Foreclosures, Immigration, Criminal, and Post Convictions cases. Cybile attended undergraduate studies at Keiser University, a Paralegal program. Continued her education by attending seminars in leadership, business, personal finance, real estate, and investing. Cybile works closely with the Haitian Community, and she is a Coordinator for the Literacy Coalition Program and teaches English to Haitian Creole-speaking students. Also, assist with Positive Life Coaching skills with clients in improving their relationships, careers, Health, and day-to-day lives. Away from work, Cybile enjoys time away traveling in her mobile RV. Also, she is enjoying traveling around the world. She loves music, dancing, walking, running marathons, yoga, planting, and reading. She has been a Vegetarian for 20 years.

Chris Sioco - R&D Specialist

Chris specializes in helping small and midsized businesses claim the R&D tax credit.

Zyralyn Hernandez

Zyralyn Hernandez is a graduate of Computer Programming Engineering Technology. She is computer savvy specializing in documentation, admin support, technical support, and troubleshooting. These characteristics have contributed greatly to her role as a Client Service Assistant for the company. Zyralyn is also a travel enthusiast with roots originating in Mindoro. She is the middle child and the only female among three siblings.

Frances Athena Baraoidan

Frances is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology with a master’s degree in business administration.  She has been in customer service, tax and accounting, and administrative roles for over 6 years. Her work experiences have equipped her with strong organizational skills and attention to detail. Outside of work, she enjoys trying out new recipes in the kitchen and reading books about personal development. She has a loving spouse who keeps her grounded and motivated to excel in her career.

Catherine Mahilum

With over 5 years of experience in automation, Catherine has worked on various projects for streamlining business processes across industries. After completing her bachelor’s degree in information technology, she started her career in automation and has since honed her skills in developing and implementing efficient automation solutions for businesses. Currently working as an Automation Specialist mainly supporting GHL, she’s passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and finding innovative ways to improve business processes. In her free time, she enjoys road trips and exploring new destinations with her partner who shares the same passion for travel and adventure.

Raina Perena

Raina is a dedicated single mom who works as a Client Services Coordinator specializing in administrative service and is responsible for educating other employees on using progressive systems and applications, including accounting software, mass communication procedures, and organizational apps. She constantly seeks ways to improve performance and customer satisfaction and maintain a harmonious client relationship. Raina is a powerful force in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. Raina is inspired daily by her daughter, and they enjoy baking, meeting new people, helping with the community, and doing various activities like badminton, skating, and Karate. Raina’s dedication to her family and career is truly inspiring, and she is a true example of hard work and perseverance.

Yuti Shah

Yuti Shah is currently working as a Tax Professional & accountant having sound knowledge of tax laws & regulations regarding individual as well as business taxation and well versed in generally accepted accounting principles. I am a QuickBooks pro advisor as well am working on my growth by pursuing an enrolled agent course, In my ideal time I would love to spend time with my family and explore places related to nature.

Jean Renal Mervilus

Jean Mervilus is an accountant at RE-MMAP inc. He has a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and Management. He enjoys playing Piano and soccer in his spare time. Jean is married to Lourdine with three Children Jeansley, Princeton and Louviaah.

J. Virginia Murray

As the Officer Manager of RE-MMAP, J. Virginia Murray brings over 30 Years experience in Business Administration and Operations Management; serving in various capacities, such as, Project Manager; Operations Manager; HR Manager; Finance Manager; Sr. Marketing & Business Development Specialist; Logistics Coordinator; Information Offer; Incident Manager; Training Coordinator; Events Coordinator; Business Manager and Associate Pastor; working with the Federal Government, Private Sector and Non-Profit Organizations. She has a Master of Divinity with a concentration in Business Administration, and is also a Certified Christian Chaplain and Full-Time Missionary. J. Virginia is “A MAVEN At Heart” who Loves to Learn New Things; Master Those Things and Move on to the Next Thing! She is currently Learning the Piano – Hoping to Master it and will Not Move on until she Does!! J. Virginia has four adult children and was married for 23 years before the loss of her husband in 2014. With all this free time on her hands, she enjoys Ministering and Serving others. Her personal Life Statement is – Honesty from the Start; Integrity throughout; and Commitment to the very End.

Certified Tax & Business Advisors (CTBAs)

Matt Nye

Certified Tax & Business Advisor

Natalia Samoilenko

Certified Tax & Business Advisor

Adam Sheldon

Certified Tax & Business Advisor

Breck Churchill

Certified Tax & Business Advisor